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My projects


Spring 2019 Commonsense Knowledge


May 2020 MultiMEGA
March 2020 Chess Openings Learning Assistant
Winter 2020 Custom YouTube and Twitch Web Client
Winter 2020 Personnal Notes Management System
Spring 2019 Subtitles Aligner
Summer 2018 RESTful API for a Messaging Service with NodeJs

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Winter 2019 Implementation of the Hoeffding AnyTime Tree Algorithm
Winter 2019 Contextual Difference of Entities in a Pair of Ontologies
Fall 2018 Conception of a Streaming Algorithm for XPath Evaluation
Spring 2018 Anomaly Detection in Smart Cars Sensors
Spring 2018 Coreference Resolution for Natural Language Processing
Spring 2018 Implementation of a PKI on an EVM-based Blockchain
Spring 2018 Machine Learning Case Study
Winter 2018 Development of a Remote Access Trojan
Summer 2017 Encryption and Dispersion Algorithms to Protect Data in a Cloud Environment
2016-2017 Development of a Musical Sports Coach Android Application