Orgapy Blog

Welcome to Orgapy!

What is this?

It is a Django application, whose purpose is to act as a notebook. You can keep notes and manage the tasks that you need to do. Also, notes can be arranged into a blog for anyone to see! It is open-source, more precisely developped under the MIT License. You can find the source code on GitHub (check out this repository:

Why would anyone use this?


For real, mainly, because you can keep control over your data. No need to share your thoughts with Google Keep or Microsoft's OneNote! Also, there are advanced features you might want to use, such as Markdown markup, code syntax highlighting, and much more! Moreover, you can enter the code and tweak it the way you want, the way you need!

Alright then, but how do I use it?

The answer is simple:

pip install --extra-index-url django-orgapy

Then add "orgapy" to the INSTALLED_APPS of your Django project, migrate the database, update your URLs, and voilĂ !