I'm French. I like B-trees and woody trees.

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Email yohan@chalier.fr
OpenPGP: pubkeyfingerprint
Phone +33 (0)6 30 51 68 83
GitHub @ychalier
YouTube Yohan Chalier


Email y.chalier@rlv.eu
Phone +33 (0)4 73 64 63 08
Address Médiathèque des Jardins de la Culture
2 ter Faubourg de la Bade
63200 Riom


I do digital and scientific mediation at the Médiathèque des Jardins de la Culture (Riom, France). Notably, I manage the digital creation space, l'Atelier, and host a monthly online show on Twitch, popularizing scientific topics : « Fil d'étincelles ».



Spring – Summer 2019. For an internship at the Max-Planck Institute for Informatics in Saarbrücken, Germany, I worked under the supervision of Simon Raznewski and Gerhard Weikum on commensense knowledge bases. This resulted in DICE, a framework for extracting and consolidating additional facets about the facts in a knowledge base. The source code is available on GitHub. A web demo is also available.


  • Yohan Chalier, Simon Raznewski, Gerhard Weikum. Joint Reasoning for Multi-Faceted Commonsense Knowledge. Automated Knowledge Base Construction, 2020. (PDF)
  • Yohan Chalier, Simon Raznewski, Gerhard Weikum. Dice: A Joint Reasoning Framework for Multi-Faceted Commonsense Knowledge. International Semantic Web Conference, Posters and Demos track, 2020. (PDF)

Personal projects

I distribute my own Python packages on this repository (pip friendly): https://packages.chalier.fr/.

2021 Polyphonic MIDI-VCO interface Arduino firmware implementing a polyphonic interface between a MIDI keyboard and a pool of VCOs. GitHub
Summer 2021 Cuiz. Online quizzes plaftorm, with memorization tools and time trial ranking. GitHub Web page
June 2021 Les Mystères percés. Data gathering and information extraction for an audio theatre series named Les Maîtres du mystère. GitHub Blog Web page
November 2020 The Music Archivist. Audio tags uniformaization software using first-order logic to define a standard. GitHub
October 2020 Topopartner. Web and Android application for planning and tracking hiking activities. GitHub GitHub Web page
Summer 2020 The French Lexicon Ontology (FLOnt). Ontology conception and construction for representing the French lexicon data. GitHub Web page Blog
May 2020 Hoplite. Artificial intelligence for the Hoplite Android game. GitHub YouTube Blog
May 2020 MultiMEGA. Multiaccount interface for the file hosting service MEGA. GitHub
May 2020 Pseudo. Pronounceable anagram generator using Markov chains. GitHub
March 2020 Openy. Chess openings learning assistant. GitHub Web page
Winter 2020 Notifpy. Custom YouTube and Twitch web client. GitHub Web page
Winter 2020 Orgapy. Personnal notes management system. GitHub Web page
Fall 2019 Rolepy. 2D game engine draft in Python. GitHub
Spring 2019 Subtitles Aligner. Automatic subtitles synchronisation tool based on speech recognition and machine translation. GitHub Blog
Summer 2018 Chrab. RESTful API for a messaging service using NodeJs. GitHub
May 2018 Dart. Score-keeper Android application for darts. GitHub
March 2018 Battleship. Battleship online multiplayer game in JavaScript using WebRTC. GitHub
November 2018 jsdots. Animation for forming words with dots using JavaScript. GitHub Web page

School projects

Winter 2019 Implementation of the Hoeffding AnyTime Tree Algorithm. GitHub
Winter 2019 Contextual Difference of Entities in a Pair of Ontologies. GitHub
Fall 2018 Conception of a Streaming Algorithm for XPath Evaluation. GitHub
Spring 2018 Anomaly Detection in Smart Cars Sensors using Machine Learning. GitHub
Spring 2018 Coreference Resolution for Natural Language Processing. GitHub
Spring 2018 Implementation of a PKI on an EVM-based Blockchain. GitHub
Spring 2018 Machine Learning Case Study. GitHub
Winter 2018 Development of a Remote Access Trojan. GitHub
Summer 2017 Encryption and Dispersion Algorithms to Protect Data in a Cloud Environment.
2016–2017 Development of a Musical Sports Coach Android Application. GitHub