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I'm French. I like B-trees and woody trees. Here is my resumé.


Computer science has been an area of interest to me for quite some time. Currently, I mostly work on Web development, adding and improving several applications for my website, following a willingness for sell-reliance.

My GitHub contains a lot of small projects, such as Rolepy, a 2D RPG game from scratch, with procedurally generated lore and terrain, in Python; Notifpy, a YouTube and Twitch web client in Python; Chrab, a custom chat REST API in NodeJs; or Ina, a web crawler and scraper for the INA database, in Python.

A more exhaustive list of my projects is available here.


I own a small reflex camera and some lenses for some years now, and have been experimenting photography. I followed an online lecture entitled "Digital Photography" by Marc Levoy, which I strongly recommand. I mostly do street photography, both in urban and wild settings, and landscapes. I also have interests in producing short films, yet this certainly is a very long term project. I mostly do all of this for fun and creative expression.

Here you can find my portfolio.


I am currently doing scientific and digital mediation for the Médiathèque des Jardins de la Culture at Riom. You can contact me there at y.chalier@rlv.eu or by phone at +33 (0)4 73 64 63 04.


Personal: yohan@chalier.fr
PGP: PubkeyFingerprint
+33 (0)6 30 51 68 83
Host: irc.chalier.fr:6667
Password: Ask me first!

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